Kathy Swanson 

200 Hour Yoga Teacher, 50 Hour Girlvana Teacher

"The more I travel this path, the more I trust the process. The more I trust the process, the more life's gifts reveal themselves” - unknown

Kathy first embarked on her yoga journey in 2011 where initially the appeal came from loving the music and the movement of yoga. It didn't take long before she realized there was so much more to discover in yoga, and so she continued her journey with a 200-hr YTT in Narramata, B.C. with SOYA yoga. The yoga philosophy combined with the movement has been an amazing , ever evolving journey on so many levels. Kathy's classes are rooted with compassion- spiritually, mentally and emotionally. She focuses on safe alignment in asana and students finding their own edge in their practice..with the occasional sweat coming from a good “ab trac”. She strives to offer a deep presence through sharing her encouraging words, open heart and accepting mind. 

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